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Humidity & Temperature sensor


The climate system of the earth is ever changing across all space and time scale. Humidity is an important aspect of the atmosphere because it affects weather and indoor environments, so understanding it can help you determine the best place to stay comfortable and where to store your valuables.

Humidity is also an important consideration for post-harvest storage of crops. Cold temperature and low humidity are important for the long-term storage of grains (corn, wheat etc). Conversely, fleshy vegetables and fruits (apples, cucumbers) need to be stored in cold temperatures and high humidity in order to prevent water loss from the fruit that results in shriveling.

Product Description

Even in energy sector when calculating peak load it is crucial to estimate the effect of climate conditions. Many peak load forecasting approaches are based on temperature, relative humidity and wind velocity etc. Humidity also influences plant diseases, especially fungi and molds that grow and spread rapidly when humidity is high.
IRH 01 is a capacitive humidity sensor with a polymer dielectric which absorbs or release water proportional to relative humidity which changes the capacitance of the capacitor which can be measured with a electronic circuit.
The IRH01 is very compact as ADC, signal amplifier, calibration data memory is all on a single chip. The filter cap protects the sensor for water dust and other contaminations. Sensor is protected by a solar radiation shield which protects the sensor from radiated and reflected heat also.
IRH01 is directly compatible with IDL-M and IDL-A. Sensor is compatible with davis Vantage pro series weather stations also.

Product Highlights
  • Temperature, Humidity
  • Compact Design
  • Powder Coated Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Digital and Analog Outputs
  • Easy installation