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About Us

Whirlybird manufacturers an extensive line of automated systems and wast range of sensors for weather and meteorological, for the accurate and reliable monitoring, recording and acquisition of a full range of parameters for the commercial and industrial markets.From our start in 2006, we have developed innovative products for grid , renewable energy facilities and defence agencies. Whirlybird experts work with clients to develop technology-driven, customized solutions that make organizational processes faster and easier to perform.
Across all applications the common element is our commitment to applying the very latest technologies to each challenge.

What We Do

Whirlybird developers work closely with clients to produce innovative enterprise ready products that make processes simpler, easier and faster. With global delivery models, agile methodologies, and framework support.We are able to produce customized solutions for our clients’ unique needs.We produce novel products and services that are sustainable and adaptable to changes in technology. Our teams’ technological expertise provides us the flexibility to cater to a multitude of business sectors.

Our Mission

Whirlybird is on a mission to make organizational processes simpler, easier and faster through the use of technology. Our team is passionate about creating products and solutions that are a class apart. Through its products, Whirlybird serves people across the world, making it easier and faster for them to do work and inspiring them to embrace technological change for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision of "Creating the Best Performing Devices and Lead the global recognition of IoT industry through Technological and Integration Expertise" by create an ecosystem between the industry players involved directly and indirectly in the development of connected objects.

We keep upgrades within our field to Monitor advances made in the field of environmental sensors, existing as well as new innovations, make that technology available to our customers.