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The WAM-01 uses a cup wheel assembly to measure wind speed. It’s three-cup anemometer which can measure the wind speed from 0 to 60 m/s with a 0.5 m/s threshold.

WAM-01 connects directly to a data logger, which measures the anemometer's pulse signal and converts the signal to engineering units (m/s).

WAM-01 is able to withstand strong gust but still very sensitive to a light breeze. Rugged components and sealed bearing give it a long life.


  • Meteorology
  • Hydrology
  • Flood warning system
  • Weather Hobbyist

Detailed Description

WAM-01 consists of low friction ABS cup assembly mounted on a dual bearing supported stainless steel shaft.
The wind direction component of the WAM-01 is a dynamically balanced wind vane mounted on the shaft of a micro torque potentiometer.
Its 3 cup anemometer assembly contains a sealed magnetic reed switch, rotation of the cups
produces a pulse output which is compatible with most of the data loggers.
Metal arm with welded base is provided to mount the anemometer with the help of U clamp.