Inertial Navigation System (MEMS)

Key Features:

  • MEMS based IMU
  • INS GPS integrated solution
  • Miniature package
  • High shock resistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight (on average 0.2 kg)

Inertial guidance systems were originally developed for navigating rockets. A typical inertial navigation system integrates the information gathered from a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers in order to determine the current state of the system.

WNAV-S1 series of navigation systems are tactical grade navigation systems mainly developed for short range projectiles, control aerial delivery system and low endurance UAV. These navigation system are based on WIMU06C coupled with magnetic sensors and GPS.


  • Stability and augmentation system ( SAS)
  • Test and measurement (parameter estimation)
  • Navigation system for low endurance UAV
  • Unmanned ground vehicle navigation
  • Short range projectiles and smart weapons
  • Controlled aerial drops

Performance Specifications of WNAV-S1 series

We also offer customized solutions in Inertial Navigation Systems based on your needs of acceleration, rates, attitude, position etc. Contact us for the same.