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Rain Gauge


Tipping Bucket precipitation sensor increases measurement accuracy by capturing more rainfall than traditional sensors.WRN-1 is our recommended product to meteorologist and hydrologist professionals. it is designed specifically designed for remote and unattended locations.

WRN-1 is precisely designed to reduce the rainfall losses by splash and evaporation. The depth, diameter and funnel angles are in compliance with WMO guidelines.

  • Hydrology
  • Weather hobbyist
  • Flood warning system

Product Description

WRN-1 tipping bucket design basically provides an operation of a magnetic-sense switch.
Tipping bucket mechanism produces a contact closure signal every time it receives a predetermined amount of water by rainfall. This signal can be recorded by the data logger.sssss
The body of the rain gauge is made of marine grade stainless steel. precisely designed sharp ring at the top of the bucket minimizes the rainfall loss and increases the measurement accuracy.