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Wireless Data Logger


WDL-1M is a versatile data logger with a wide range of sensor input especially suitable for weather monitoring application.it is a flexible and a reliable solution for meteorological data logging at a cost-effective price.

compatibility includes Analog input, digital pulse input for a sensor like rain gauge and anemometer, serial communication protocols like RS-232, RS-485 and I2C, SPI interface.

  • Hydrology
  • Weather monitoring
  • Urban meteorology
Product Description

WDL-1M is a multifunctional wireless data logger which accurately measures temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction.
High-quality enclosure design can withstand to extreme temperature and harsh environment, for additional protection the WDL-1M can be housed in a metal panel box.
Lithium-ion batteries are used to power the WDL-1M which makes it compact and secure.