High accuracy, Digital and Analog Tilt sensors

WTILT-02 is micro-machined accelerometer based roll and pitch axis tilt sensor. It measures the tilt angle of an object with respect to horizontal in a static environment. It is available in two variants: digital (WTILT-02D) and analog (WTILT-02A).

WTILT-02D digital tilt sensors communicate through RS-232 serial interface for data tranfer as well as for configuration. WTILT-02A provides angle information in analog voltage output.

Applications: WTILT-02 has a wide spectrum of applications like platform stabilization, precision weapons, head mounted trackers, robotics etc.


Size 18 x 18 x 15 (mm)
Weight 60gm
Sensor Assembly
Range ±90° ( Roll and Pitch )
Accuracy 0.1°
Resolution 0.05°
Noise 0.03° (10 Hz)
Misalignment <2 milli-radian
Bandwidth 10 - 100 Hz
Electrical ( WTILT-02D )
Data output rate 10-100 Hz ( programmable)
Data latency 100* ms
RS-232 interface (Baud) 57600
Supply voltage 8-30 Vdc
Supply current 20 mA
Electrical ( WTILT-02A )
Data output Analog
Scale factor 1 V/g
Supply voltage 8-30 Vdc
Supply current 20 mA