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The solution covers remote monitoring of EV charging station and performance along with billing control and station management. The solution incorporates WRMS03 IOT Gateway which is a desktop or DIN-rail installation compatible. The proposed design by Whirlybird, support multi-sleep and trigger nodes to reduce the power consumption. The landscape includes 1 3G/4G LTE/CDMA 450 modem, 1 LORA or XBEE, 1 WiFi port, 1 LAN port and 1 RS-485 along with Whirlybird WEM 3400 AC energy meter which has a RS-485 communication interface to push data of the device. The WDC01 expansion card is designed specifically for IOT application to connect with various sensors and provide an interface to manage them.

Solution Architecture:

The EV charging mechanism germinates from the energy sourced from electrical grids and solar powered panels which via AC-DC or DC-DC converters are controlled and transferred to electrical car charging booths. The electrical conduit is connected with sensors which transfers electrical data to the IOT Gateway for monitoring purposes. The IOT gateway is connected to end devices like smartphones or on-premise desktops via a 3G/4G LTE telecom tower, running applications and analytics tools to gain actionable insights into the IOT data. The billing information of the usage is captured by the IOT gateway, which in turns pass the billing information to the payment gateway for processing. The Whirlybird proposed solution architecture design creates an ecosystem which incorporates monitoring and control of IOT hardware, connectivity, applications and analytics and payment gateway management.

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