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Building energy monitoring solutions aims to measure Individual tenant Energy consumption pattern in the building at tenant and floor level. We Use the existing site energy meters wherever possible, use new energy meters in case protocol or RS485 Interface is not available. Solution also enables generation of itemized billing information for client at the end of billing cycle. The solution also provides real time information for client and end-customer about the energy generation and energy consumption pattern for user. Based on historical usage patterns the solutions does a demand analysis for Building and/or set of buildings. All the compute and solution server is cloud based secured system for seamless operation.

Project Planning

The Building energy Montoring Solution integrates with building’s existing energy meters at floor lever or tenant level. The Information is captured and transfered to the IOT gateway through wireless or wired LAN to be uploaded to cloud. The cloud based application hence provide the meaningful insights into energy usage and generation patterns from building DG.

  • Real Time energy consumption analytics & dashboard
  • Red flag or incidence reporting
  • Complete audit trail of performance indicators,
  • Proactive alerts to optimize energy,
  • Cloud based hisotrical data hosting
  • Admin access to data and analytics
  • User based login
  • Excel Reports
  • Analytical reports online
  • Automated bill generation in pdf format
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