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The water supply management solution from Whirlybird revolves around NB-IOT or LORA enabled smart water meter based on the latest ultrasonic technology. The meter maintains an accuracy class of 2 through the entire battery lifecycle up to 15 years. The battery is made up of 4 lithium batteries of 3800mAh capacity each, having a voltage of 3.6V. The water meter with either IOT module or LORA WAN module transmits water flow information to the gateway at a frequency set by the customer. The water meter with infra-red controlled valves is managed based on the data it transmits to the Network server, allowing for remote management using the communication frequency.


The infrared communication protocol controls the water meters with LORA WAN module, and transmit water flow information to the gateway at a certain frequency set up by the customer. The gateway (Wifi compatible) acts as an interface between the water meter and the network server. The connection between the IoT gateway and network server is made possible via a 3G/4G connection. The information is instantaneously transferred from the IoT gateway to the network server as it’s a transparent transmission. The HTTPS connection secures the connectivity to the network server from the outside world.
The gateway can connect up to 3000 sets of water meters and can receive data from a 2.5 km radius.
The server receives instantaneous information from the gateway regarding cumulative flowrate, temperature, battery power, alarms for empty pipe, low battery power and pipe leaking
It supports different frequency band from every country and area and is compatible with any Gateway which uses standard LoRa WAN protocol.

NB-IOT Water Meter

In this solution, the water meter has NB-IOT module, which transmits water flow information to the local base station in certain frequency which can be set up by the customer. After the base station receives the information, it will upload to Network server immediately, since it is a transparent transmission, with the standard data format. The commands are sent to the water meter via a communication protocol, similar to the other solution.

The solution doesn’t require the gateway and is replaced by NB base station. The base station via GPRS/3G/4G communication protocol transfers data about cumulative flowrate, temperature, battery power, alarms for empty pipe, low battery power and pipe leaking immediately to the network server immediately due to it being a transparent transmission. The network server connects to the customer information systems which presents data in a dashboard format with the capability to drill down to the minutest granularity.

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