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Whirlybird’s Solar power plant mamangement solution is capable of managing solar plants & rectifiers at multi rooftops as a single unit. The data aquisiotion and aggregation happensa over a long range wan solution without any service provider network usage. Th solution has capability ot monitor addtional parameters like inverter output, radiation, module temprature, wind velocity and direction. In Addition the solution can also provide the itegration with auxilary power sources such as DG set and UPS.


The Lora Wan based dolar power plant management solution offers a unique captive solution that cuts opex and enables the grid owners to monitor all aspects of the Solar Plant. Multi Rooftops can be connected in master slave mode using modules. These modules transpit the monitoring data over the LORA wan to the gateway. This data is then avaiable on the information gateway for usage on any frontend application. Following aspects can be measured using LORA based solar plant management solution.

  • All the Power Generation and consumption parameters.
  • Other key Components that can be Monitored are
    1. Grid
    2. Inverters
    3. MPPT (based on Protocol availability)
    4. Irradiation
    5. Module Temperature
    6. Environmental parameter (Temperature, Fire & Smoke etc)
    7. Wind Direction and Velocity
  • Collect data from the Modbus protocol of equipment such as DG, SMPS, Meters
  • Any other interfaces that are connected using RS 485
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