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Whirlybird aims to proivide BTS Monitoring Solution including IOT Gateway, Energy meters, Sensors so as to enable site to obtain autonomy in terms of Monitoring and control of Tower site. This solution from Whirlybird includes IOT gateway using MODBUS standard communication protocol as a means of connecting industrial electronic devices. The solution encapsulates the MODBUS protocol to monitor devices and interfaces are connected using RS 485. PFC alarms are collected through the expansion slot. The intuitive and user-friendly monitoring dashboard allows for a bird’s eye view of all the Towers with their DG status, Fuel levels and other critical parameters on a single screen. The integration with the geospatial map capability allows one to drill down to the location of the site.


The Whirlybird BTS Monitoring solution comprises of IOT gateway working standalone and aggreagting the data stream from various connect sensors. The Sensing devices work on MODBUS protocol and connect to the IOT gateway through Expansion slot. Following devices are monitored.

Diesel Generators
Fuel Level and consumption
SMPS – DC outputs
Battery Bank Monitoring
Environmental parameter (Temperature, Fire & Smoke etc)
CCTV (Incident based monitoring)
Access Control
PFC alarms

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