Genral purpose servo controller board

WSCB-16 is a general purpose, 16 servo motor serial controller. It includes both R/C servo control hardware and an R/C receiver Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) interface. It can communicate with PC or other type of device to download program to obboard porcessor to control up to 16 servomotors. It allows user to define failsafe position for each servo in case of communication failure.

Applications: WSCB-16 finds application whenever in the system servo motor is used, i.e. UAV/RPV, camera mount, robotics, etc.



Micro processor ARM7 core based, LPC2119
Interface RS232, 9600, N81
Number of servos up to 16
Supporting servo type VIGOR, FUTABA and HITEC
Output pulse
(servo turning degree)
T = 2ms,
VH = 0.5~2.5ms(0~180 degree)
Power input 5 Vds, GND
Accuracy 0.5°/ step