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“WPM 01 Solar Pyranometer, measures solar irradiance. The sensor’s transducer, which converts incident radiation to electrical current, is a silicon photodiode. From the sensor’s output voltage, the console calculates and displays solar irradiance. It also integrates the irradiance values and displays total incident energy over a set period of time.

  • Measures Global Radiation
  • Detects Solar Radiation at wavelength of 300 to 1100 Nanometers
  • Pyranometer data along with other sensors used to calculate PR and related data
  • Silicon Photodiode to calculate Solar Spectrum
  • Smart housing for convection Cooling of sensor.
  • Wide temperature range operating from -20°C to 70°C


Resolution and Units : 1 W/m2
Range : 0 to 1800 W/m2
Accuracy : ±5% of full scale (Reference: Eppley PSP at 1000 W/m2 ) plus 45 W/ m2 per 100′ (30 m) of additional cable
Drift : up to ±2% per year
Update Interval : 50 seconds to 1 minute

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