Triaxial Digital Magnetic Sensor

WMAG-03 is an integrated 3-axis magnetic field sensing module. The variable inductance property of sensors is used in a cost and space efficient ASIC which incorporates a temperature and noise stabilized oscillator/counter circuit with an SPI interface. The microprocessor compatible SPI interface allows easy access to the WMAG-03's measurement parameters and resulting field measurement data.

Advantages include 3V operation, low power consumption, large signal noise immunity under all conditions, and a large dynamic range. Resolution and field measurement range are software configurable for a variety of applications. The measurement is very stable over temperature and inherently free from offset drift.

Features :

  • Complete 3-axis magnetometer
  • Operation as low as 2.2 VDC (draws < 500 µA at 3 VDC)
  • Part size: 15 x 20 x 19 mm (including connector).
  • Weight: 1.5 gram
  • Field measurement range ±550 µT (±5.5 Gauss)
  • Resolution as low as 0.02 µT (0.0002 Gauss)
  • All digital solution, no additional circuitry is required.
  • SPI protocol for interfacing to a processor.


  • Robotic applications.
  • High-resolution magnetic field sensing.
  • Solid State navigation equipment for automotive, marine, and aeronautic applications.
  • Direction-finding features for any device where bearing or attitude indicator have value