Whirlybird Electronics was founded to establish a benchmark in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). Our primary domain is Avionics with indigenous development of Inertial Navigation Systems(INS).


Aug 2004 : Whirlybird Electronics was founded by Bramh Datt Awasthi and Grishma Udani. Seed Fund and Incubation were both provided by SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Center of IIT Kanpur.

May 2005 : WIMU06A, a compact solution for size and weight-critical applications, developed.

Dec 2005 : Whirlybird co-incubated at Center for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship of IIM Ahmedabad.

Feb 2006 : Built first Flight Data Logger.

March 2006 : Built NELM (At Sea Alignment System). Our first supply to Indian Defense (Navy).

June 2006 : Rate table, RT01AP is a single axis rate table, developed for calibration and performance test of Inertial Navigation Systems.

Sep 2006 : WIMU06B launched. It is more compact than WIMU06A and programmable from data port in run time. Faster frame rate, user selectable bandwidth, and output format.

Dec 2006 : WTILT-02, MEMS accelerometer based roll and pitch axis tilt sensor.

April 2007 : WNAV-10, light weight and compact INS-GPS solution.

May 2007 : WAHRS-03, Attitude heading & reference system, based on WNAV-10 inertial navigation system.

July 2007 : WIMU06C launched.

Feb 2008 : Triaxial Digital Magnetic Sensor,WMAG-03, weighing just 1.5 gm launched..

Mar 2010 : Second generation At Sea Alignment System NELM II was supplied to Indian Navy